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At Coco Ribbon, we take responsibility for our impact on the planet and for the people we work with who help us to create the most beautiful and desirable products.
Workplace code of conduct

We are committed to the health, safety and welfare of all team members and collaborators globally. This commitment is reflected in the way we plan our work activities, equip our people and manage our processes.

Human Rights Policy

Coco Ribbon recognise the specific challenges that may be faced by indigenous peoples, women, national or ethnic minorities, religious and linguistic minorities, children, persons with disabilities, and migrant workers and their families.
All suppliers are required to agree to our Ethical business standards and support programs that encourage greater ethical awareness in all aspects of its business. We have zero tolerance for offenders of human rights legislation encompassing human trafficking, deceptive recruitment, forced labour, debt bondage, slavery, servitude, child labour, and other kinds of exploitation that violate a person's human rights and dignity.
Gender equality and diversity

We are committed to actively embrace different identities and individuals, to guard against all discrimination in all our actions, and to promote the value of a diverse society with gender equality.